Taking a break from Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Hi All,

I dislike it when people don’t keep up on blogs.  I am an offender in my own eyes and I apologize to you, the reader if you feel the same way.  The truth is that I’ve decided to scale back my CRE brokerage practice in favor of a tech company I started back in 2021 as a side project. As of this year, we’re getting ready to launch our product.  More information can be viewed here: www.atterra.ai.  The product is the culmination of 19 years in the investment real estate industry observing inefficiencies in real estate professionals’ workflows and researching solutions.  The goal is to automate the busy work to give back more time to make connections and do deals.  I felt compelled to focus on this project because of the lack of tools for these professionals, made by someone who has time in the business and understands the process.  Most solutions are developed by software people and their interpretation of how the real estate business works, forcing the user to conform to the developer’s process and deviate from their own, tried and true process of production.

I’m not totally out of the business.  I still hold active broker’s licenses in California, Nevada, Washington, and Georgia and I’d be more than happy to do a deal for you if you’re interested in employing me.  The basis for this post is that I will no longer be focusing on new business development and only working with inbound leads and existing clients.  If this Atterra venture fails to take off, I know I can always come back to doing commercial real estate brokerage and providing a high level of service to the owners who trust me with their business.

I would like to thank everyone who has entrusted me with helping them achieve their goals.

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