The Four Pillars of Change

Yes, change is hard, but with Sparacino Realty in your corner, it’s a path to success.

Last week, I gave you an optimistic and esoteric take on change. This week, I’m back to build on that rant with some actionable advice. 

Change doesn’t have to be a catalyst for panic. Yes, sometimes having the epiphany that it’s time for a change can make your palms sweat and rob you of all critical thinking skills. But what most people forget is that, more than half the time, change can be synonymous with advancement. 

If you look at where you are now and where you want to go, chances are, you’re going to have to change. I’m not talking: shave your head, move to Scandinavia, and start going by some obscure alias type of fundamental rebrand, but if you want to grow in business and life –– you’ll need to get comfortable with change. 

Here are four preconditions to progress that you have to adopt and implement if you want to ascend. Or you could take some of the pressure off yourself and call Sparacino Realty to handle the grunt work for you.

Change Demands Pain 

Growth is not a pursuit for the feeble. You have to be ready for it. Yes, it hurts. Yes, it can be intimidating to have to do things differently. But learning to look clearly into the eyes of where you want to ascend and adapt your thinking to those goals is non-negotiable. You don’t have to 180, but if you don’t even adjust, you’re essentially keeping your ankles in the mud.

Change Requires New Habits to Be Successful 

Do you want to reach a new pinnacle? You have to change your habits. Luckily, there’s no singular, steadfast path to get anywhere, especially when we’re talking about investment goals. So, you have the power to define these new habits. I know I’ve sounded like kind of a hard*ss in some of this post, but establishing new habits can be incredibly gratifying. Remember to celebrate every small win.

Change Encourages You to Connect With Your Why

Why are you taking this step? Is it simply because your life circumstances have changed? Is it because you feel yourself plateauing? Because you want to leave your heirs with assets, not liabilities? Connecting with your why is essential. And, yes, it can be as simple as “make more money.”

Change Demands a Plan

We can help with that. You can come to us whenever there are internal or external adjustments to your situation, and revisiting your options is necessary. Our goal is to help you understand where you are now, where you want to be in the future, and what changes need to be made to help you secure that future.

Yes, change is hard, but with Sparacino Realty in your corner, it’s a path to success.


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