Four Strategies for Successful Commercial Real Estate Investing

Introducing: Sparacino Realty’s tested and perfected strategies for commercial real estate investing

Maybe you jumped to this post because you remember the reality check I gave you last month regarding the biggest risk factors facing commercial real estate in 2022. Perhaps you’re only here because a friend dropped you the link, or you came across me during your daily doom-scroll. Doesn’t matter. Now that you’re here, let me reiterate that last month’s blog post wasn’t meant to scare you off –– just make you smarter. 

As your commercial real estate agent and advisor –– I don’t get greedy about my wisdom. After all, I’m in your corner rooting for you as a person, not just a paycheck.

You can never be too smart about your investments, especially in times of economic uncertainty (and general uncertainty of whether or not the world will survive, but I digress). Building a diversified commercial real estate investment portfolio with the best risk-adjusted return profile is imperative. But I’m not here to just regurgitate the obvious. Over the next four months, we’ll be dissecting my four cardinal strategies for successful commercial real estate investing.

No, I’m not an oracle, but my years in the business have shown me enough to feel confident recommending these strategies. March through June month, we’ll go in-depth discussing why each tactic made the list and how you can best implement it. Here’s the syllabus: 

Go with what you know

This is one of my chief beliefs for not just investing but also life. It made the list of the best business insights I’ve absorbed over time, and it’s going to be kicking off our commercial real estate investing series. 

Play to your strengths

If you go with what you know and play to your strengths, wise decisions are soon to follow. Don’t follow the hivemind to their investment de jour if you have advantages elsewhere. When you see value in something –– do it. 

Plan for the worst, hope for the best

You know the cardinal cliche: change is the only constant. I wish I had a crystal ball, but I don’t. Plan for the worst to keep your investments safe; hope for the best to give yourself the headspace to hop to the right risks. 

Do your due diligence

Top-down, bottom-up analysis. Unsure what I mean? Don’t worry; I’ll include graphics and break this down.  

There you have it. A little something to look forward to as this year unravels into whatever it’s going to be. Sparacino’s School of Commercial Real Estate Investing is now in session!

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